"Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. " ~ James 1:2-3

A Note from Friday

I am driving. Quite literally – I am dictating this to Tom as I drive to Florida. It has gotten dark; up until recently, I was snapping pictures of oddities along the highway. Something about focusing on the journey, not the destination. Too bad I didn’t decide to start taking pictures until after the bizarre and plentiful shack skeletons on the side of the highway in South Carolina. (We finally discovered that they were ALL basket stands – although who needs that many baskets?)

Whoot!! We are in Georgia! Unfortunately the speed limit is lower in Georgia. And why are weigh stations always closed? What are weigh stations? They seem to be some remnent of the past, like boarded up factories in downtowns. Is this one of those things where older people sigh and say “you don’t know what a weigh station is?”

In some ways, this was quite possibly the worst weekend to go on vacation. I have a resident research day next Wednesday for which I am helping 14 residents prepare. In fact, I have a data set sitting in my e-mail awaiting my immediate attention. It will have to wait until Tuesday. Additionally, Harper’s sleep patterns have gone off the deep end this week; apparently 3 am is the perfect time for a 2-3 hour play session. (Aside: What is that smell?) (Aside#2: What kind of mascot is “the Jackets”-The sign said “Go Jackets”) Now what was I saying? Oh yes, yesterday I had a massive panic/stress attack that landed me in the ER(I’m fine now). This afternoon when I came home from work early to make the ten hour drive, I found our bathroom flooded and water literally pouring from the walls and ceilings. Apparently, the toilet upstairs had exploded.

On second thought, this may have been the perfect weekend to go on vacation.


K said...

road trip.

In GA, I'm guessing the "Jackets" are the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets...

travel safe.

Ashley said...

Aww, I'm glad you're okay. I hate panic attacks.

And by the way, a weigh station is where semitrucks carrying their load across statelines can have their bigass trucks weighed so that they know what roads not to go on. Like in some states there are roads where you can't drive if your car is over a certain weight because the overpass will collapse or something. Miss you guys!